Hyper Reality Records

Hyper Reality Records is a Hard Trance label founded in 2014.
Reversed basslines, screaming 303 acidlines and energetic synthwork get a new home.
Let´s bring back the old German Hard Trance Sound!

our vision is to



Bring back classic vibe

Revive Hard Trance from 2000-2005.


Release quality music

Keep quality high and original.


Join forces

Share and start collaborations.

We love Hard Trance and especially the older Hard Trance from around 1998 to 2006.

During that period we have listened a lot of different compilation albums such as those from Tracid Traxxx and Gary D. We were influenced by the artists Ace Da Brain, Hennes & Cold, ASYS, DJ the Crow, Überdruck, Warmduscher, Derb, Nomad, Wragg & Log: One, Sam Punk, FJ Project, Luca Antolini, DJ Wag, DJ Hellraiser, Fausto, Cosmic Gate, Gary D, Nostrum, DJ Arne L2, Iain Cross, JK Walker, DJ Scot Project/Arome, Andrea Montorsi, JTB & Chuck-E, Marcos, Ultraform, S.H.O.K.K, Flutlicht, Kai Tracid/Kenji Ogura/Angel of Death, DJ Slideout, Mario Piu, Mauro Picotto, DJ Darkzone, Tommy Pulse, Mellow Trax, Aponaut, Schwarze Puppen/Russenmafia, Silent Breed, Yoji Biomehanika, Bas & Ram

Such amazing music motivated us to start producing, releasing and promoting this awesome genre.

Our passion is to produce quality Hard Trance tracks and to deliver a unique musical experience to our listeners.

Hard Trance is still alive and kicking. More and more people are producing and supporting the genre, hosting events and releasing albums. Although there are several great styles of Hard Trance within the genre, we focus on producing the classic German Hard Trance sound.


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