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OUT NOW!! Locanda & Kuznetsow presents ‘Der Ketzer – Heretic EP’

You can definitely say this 3 track EP is showing a different way of how things can be done. Starting of with a hell of a track ‘Der Dritte Engel‘ which tells a phrase of the Bible The Book of Revelation.

Expect a furious kick & bass sound combined with huge saw synths and an epic break which sets you on fire in heaven!

Devils Playground takes it on a bit darker acid path which reminds us of the classic times. Topped off with a devilish vocal and melodic driving beat this track will shake the dancefloor for sure.

3rd track to be announced soon..

Whether you like energetic uplifting Trance, Acid Hard Trance or darker Acid Techno this EP has it all and does some severe damage to the speakers when dropped!

We’re very pleased having this talented duo on board.

Please welcome Locanda & Kuznetsow!

Release date: May 26th