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The Sixth Sense meets DJ Goro – 2001 (Space Odyssey) [ OUT NOW !! ]

Club Mix | Rob Binner vs. The Sixth Sense Remix | Darroo Remix

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Dutch producer The Sixth Sense has been a part of Hyper Reality Records from the start, but his latest collaboration, this time with Poland’s DJ Goro, sees some new artists join the Hyper Reality family!

The Club Mix is full of classic trance vibes and lush synthesizers, with an addictive melody and just enough swing to keep it bouncing around in your head for days.

The first remix is another collaboration from The Sixth Sense, this time with his good friend and Hyper Reality newcomer Rob Binner. This duo take the track in a more uplifting direction, complete with piano harmonies and quick 16th-note bass layers.

Our last remix comes from Canada’s Darroo, who delivers exactly what crowds have come to expect from him. Filtered synth work and a sci-fi atmosphere combine with an unorthodox arrangement to provide another unique take on the track, while keeping the classic feel intact.

HRR025 is supported by Ariel Beat, C.O.L.D., Cento, Cherish [Country Club], Cryptodome, DJs Present, Danny Slade [VMM Magazine], Dizmaster, Douglas [USA Trance Movement], Hakka, Jake Ayres [Country Club], Jake Nicholls [Uprising], Locanda & Kuznetsow, Mark Roket [Friction], Mindflux, Noizy Boy, Remnis, Rinski, Shax, Stephen Hamlet [Country Club], Stu J [Vertastyle / Voice FM], Tim Hidgem [Religion], Renegade System [Atmosphere], TrickyDJ [High Fish], XLS and many more.

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Release Date: May 26th, 2017

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